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At Winfield Wireless Company, we really want our customers to be aware of all their options available to them. Take time to learn about our competition even if availability isn't apparent.

You'll find that no two companies are alike. Some large, some small and others in between. The reason for this is born from the nature of the business.

Historically, there has been a three tiered structure. National, regional, and local. In telecom terms, that means core, distribution and access levels.

The boundaries these networks operated within were crossed once the telecommunications act of 1996 was signed into law. The deregulation of the industry spurred major changes and innovation. New opportunities were available to all telcom businesses large and small. National providers reached into the local markets. Local providers were able to reach into the regional and even national markets. It was a mixed blessing for some. Costing old business while creating new business.

There are only three ways to deliver signal from one point to another. Copper, fiber and microwave. All telecommunications providers are going to use one or all of these transport methods. Some are reselling services though other networks. Some have their own networks while others have networks with cross sharing agreements to use others.

What our customers are usually looking for is a regional provider of Internet services. That's how they get services that satisfy the needs on all levels, local, regional and national. National providers aren't going to be in position to service your technology locally.






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