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Check those batteries!

Like it or not, every 5 years battery systems need to be replaced.

If you're not quite sure where your business is in it's battery cycle, call us for a free, on site evaluation of your battery systems.

We'll make sure you have to run time you need and shutdown procedures are complete.







Protect business information with a more reliable and security-enhanced infrastructure

Built-in firewall protection and security-enhanced remote access prevents unauthorized users from accessing your network. Beef up your overall security policy with no additional security headaches.

Centralized Windows updating

Stop dealing with your computers constantly telling you to update. A small business server can manage your software updating processes centrally. No more individual PC's getting their updates by themselves. This improves performance, especially in the morning when you first want to use your computer.

Prevent data loss and restore deleted files

Automatic hourly data backups create the ability to easily retrieve accidentally deleted files and restore previous versions. Take advantage of the random access capability of disk drives and never used tapes again.

STOP storing critical information on workstations!

Use the new remote web workplace interface for an easy to use, widely accepted method of sharing data. The widely adpoted program Microsoft Outlook will make acceptance by employees no problem when everyone can easily share information and schedules.

Work from virtually anywhere and stay connected with customers all the time

With access to e-mail, internal Web sites, network files, and even business applications from any Internet-enabled PC. SBS 2003 R2 also integrates with Microsoft Windows Mobile-based and Smartphone devices.

Reduce costs and increase flexibility

Through expanded client access license (CAL) rights. SBS 2003 R2 entitles you to access additional servers in your network (Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition, Windows Server 2003), saving you money and offering you more flexibility to grow your business the way you want to.

Streamline customer communications

With one-to-many e-mail capabilities and a shared contact database to manage customer information, so you remain top of mind with customers.


With a Microsoft exchange server deployed in your business network, you can have access to the latest software functionality, which increases your efficiency. Use Outlook in ways you never will with POP3.




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We deploy HP Proliant servers because your business requires solid technology. No cheep imitations.