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How much does the service cost?

Residential links are as low as $1,200.00 a year or $100.00 a month. That includes hosting!

Commercial links as low as $250.00 a month.

Tier 1 commercial links as low as $500.00 a month.

Get extended warranty same day equipment coverage for as little as $250.00 a month. Never wait or pay for overnight shipping on expansive router and switch equipment. We stock the spares so you don't have to.





Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage spam?

If you use our POP3 mail service, you will not get large amounts of unsolicited email. We run your email through a customized series of procedures to ensure that everything works as it should. Reverse DNS check, remote blackhole smtp check, recipient check, suspected Windows virus botnet connection check, spam check, and antivirus check. All done in a matter of 1 to 2 seconds so there is no noticeable delay in deliveries.

At this point, we can either place your email in a POP3 account, or send it directly to your Microsoft exchanger server. With this design, you can take advantage of the best of both worlds in email service. Get the store and forward capability in case your exchange server is down even for a few minutes.

What kind of bandwidth can I expect to get?

All our wireless links perform at 2mbs minimum. Depending on certain variables such as distance, line of sight, location and budget, links can perform at 6mbs to 10mbs. That's 1000kbytes per second of file transfer capability. Call us if your Internet bandwidth isn't what you think it should be. We'll come perform a survey to determine if a better link can be established for you.

What kind of latency can I expect to see?

Latency to Portland should be under 20ms. it should never be over 100ms. If it is, then something is not quite right and needs attention. We check all interfaces for quality so you never have to wonder where a break down might be.

How can I quantify our available Internet service?

The three things that really matter are availability, latency and bandwidth. Check you bandwidth with an available bandwidth check like this one:Speakeasy speedtest

This is a quick and easy to get a general idea of how much bandwidth is available to you. To check more precisely, you can login to an ftp server and perform a file transfer. This will tell you exactly how many kilobytes per second you can transfer. This number will usually be more than the speakeasy speedtest number by 50 to 100%


How to you keep up with technology?

We keep up by performing a steady stream of scheduled upgrades. A regular equipment budget allows us to identify aging technology and replace or redesign as demand grows and market shifts dictate. Some technology lasts longer than others. All points on our network undergo regular analysts for processor, memory and interface utilization. Set benchmarks are weighed against for limits and performance.

How do you compete with the likes of telcom giants like Comcast and Qwest?

We provide niche services to niche markets. We compete against mass market products when they become insufficient for a growing business technology needs.

What is going to be the next big change in the Industry?

The changes are probably going to be more subtle from now on, happening over time as computer get smaller and less power hungry. The trend is growing towards more centralized computers and data storage. Software and applications will morph from the PC desktop to application servers at hosted locations. This trend will be driven primarily by the forces of software licensing. Installing and managing your own software applications will become more expensive giving incentive access data remotely. This is already happening whether you know it or like it or not. The web browser interface have created an easy environment for the user manage. As long as connectivity is consistent and low in latency, this method of access to information will continue it's evolution.

We are currently deploying our 5th generation of wireless Ethernet bridges that deliver Internet service to our clients.

This latest generation of equipment brings new opportunities for applications that were not possible before.

Centralize your information and create a small business network across multiple locations. Make use of the flexibility of wireless to link remote office locations, construction sites or a home office.

With a little consulting, you can create a more efficient business environment by having mobile workers connected in real time to the company database back home. Give us a call if you think you need to update the way you access information.



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The 500' self supporting KGON tower supports a variety of tenants.

No we didn't build it and we sure don't own it, but it's a great place to rent. That's us at the 225' level, the second section up.

Need a tower climber? We design, install and maintain wireless links for clients with specific needs.. If you need a complete point to point link to somewhere, give us a call and see how quickly it can be done for a very reasonable price.