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There are peeks, valleys and trees all across the region that can make establishing a wireless link a challenging experience.

We have done the most to take advantage of the available high sites in the get signal to where we need it. Still, sometimes establishing that clear line of sight can be elusive.

Usually all you need need is just a little more height.

You might be surprised just how easy it can be to install another 10 to 40 feet.







Area Maps

Regional coverage area

KGON tower

Hazel Dell

Davis Peak


Columbia City



Check any of these locations to get a better idea if you have the clear line of sight necessary to complete a successful link.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell so please don't hesitate to call us for a free site survey. We will come out to your location and perform a survey to determine if we can indeed provide a quality link.



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Tunnel entrance to the climbing tube at KGON tower