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Hi speed Internet links from 2mbs to 10mbs in most areas.

We design, install and maintain fixed wireless links. Point to point and point to multipoint. Capable of 2mbs minimum, scalable to 10mbs. Termination is 100mb Ethernet handoff to your broadband router. All links have 2 public IP address minimum, with larger blocks available on demand. Uptime and availability is over 99%. Most links average 99.7%. Latency average is always under 100ms with max peek hour averages at 66ms. All newer links are averaging 15ms or less even during peek hours.

Domain Name Service

Let us manage your domain name registration and hosting for you as part of the service. Give yourself and your company a break by having your ISP host these services for you. There are some very real performance advantages to be had when this is dome right. You local exchange servers can integrate well with our systems to keep jitter and latency from creeping up on you.

Web Site Hosting

Take advantage of our state of the art apache webserver system. Apachessl can manage your ecommerce site utilizing the latest 128bit ssl encryption.

We'll assign you your own virtual webserver with your own private space to post your own blogs and website

Email Service

Your POP3 mail service is now performing full mail exchange services. Performing 7 steps of mail washing to ensure that no email is suspect.

Firewall management

Proper care and feeding of your network includes regular review of policy. That includes VPN, remote access, Intrusion prevention, Anti-spyware, Anti-virus, and load checking for processor, memory and interface utilization levels. If your firewall isn't configured for today's security threats, then it's really not a firewall at all.




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